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At Accommodation Only we understand that security is the single most important concern when purchasing goods over the internet. Therefore we have ensured that your security is absolutely guaranteed.

There are multiple layers of security:

  1. all credit card information that you provide to us is encrypted at your browser using a 128 bit encryption algorithm prior to being transmitted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer); SSL is the system used by all legitimate e-commerce/online shopping sites world wide. It is the industry standard for the transmission of credit card details.

  2. your credit card information is further encrypted using a proprietary algorithm unique to Accommodation Only;

  3. your credit card information is never stored or replicated on any of our systems.

Unauthorised parties have no access to the encrypted data. You will know that your details are being safeguarded by looking for the padlock or unbroken key that will appear at the bottom of your browser window whenever you are providing us with credit card information.

Accommodation Only have added further encryption using a system entirely unique to us. This system is unavailable to anybody else in the world. This combined with our internal policies and processes are designed to provide maximum protection of your information.  We do not use your information for any purpose other than to process your listing.

All previous credit card fraud on the internet has been due to companies leaving credit card information on their systems that has subsequently been stolen. This cannot happen at Accommodation Only as we do not store your information on any of our systems.

Your bank can also provide you with additional information regarding the security of your credit cards.


At Accommodation Only, privacy is of the utmost importance. The information/details we obtain from you relating to your property is for the purpose of the listing results. All other personal information you provide to us is for billing and contact purpose only. All personal information we obtain from you together with your credit card details is kept strictly confidential.

By listing your property with us, you declare that you are the person named on the credit card or have given permission to use it. If we believe a listing is fraudulent, we may release your details to the appropriate authorities.


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